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As Your Counsellor & Psychotherapist I Can Help You Feel Better About Yourself

I'm Lou Crosby and I'm a counsellor & psychotherapist who is uniquely qualified to help you feel better about yourself. Many people would describe me as a warm, compassionate person who is
a good listener, which is helpful if you are feeling fearful, vulnerable or embarrassed about sharing your feelings.

I have a vast and varied life experience that, along with my formal training, additional courses in my areas of special interest has given me a strong insight into what you may be going through. I understand that the world can feel a scary place to be and it can be hard to begin to trust enough to share what is actually underneath ‘big’ feelings. That’s why I provide a safe, quiet, non-judgemental space with me in my office where together we can work through what is troubling you.
Think of this is your time, a sanctuary away from it all where you can be supported to explore what truly being yourself feels like.
You are invited to bring whatever is present for you. I welcome you to arrive just as you are.
I value each & every person I work with.

Here Are Some Specific Challenges That I Can Help You With

An individual who is challenged with Guilt, shame, and feelings of worthlessness you may be:
struggling to engage in the things you used to enjoy,
Feeling unresolved about events from your past and unable to move forward
Stuck in old, out-dated patterns of behaviour
Using things like food, alcohol or busy-ness to avoid uncomfortable feelings or realities
Even if you are feeling overwhelmed with experiences like these, therapy can help.
Therapy Can Improve Your Life

Therapy, It Can Help You:

Nurture authentic relationships
Feel open to whatever life brings
Feel free to choose how you live
Discover self-compassion
Let go of judgment
Foster your ability to recognise, accept and welcome your wealth and variety of emotion
It’s not easy managing your tough situation alone, but the good news is that it's possible to feel better. I have the experience to help you.

If You Feel Stressed or anxious, I Hear You, And You Are Not Alone

In my experience, many people who can be considered as having ‘a good life’ , they may have a great job, supportive family, a comfortable lifestyle, a great social circle, and yet still they can feel lonely, disconnected and unfulfilled in their life and relationships. It can feel a huge weight and responsibility to ‘be happy’ and grateful for what we have compared to others. It can feel difficult at best, shameful or rejecting at worst to attempt to express our ‘negative’ emotions.
Perhaps you are feeling overwhelmed right now with all that's going on. You may be feeling:
Dissatisfaction with your life.
Numb or distanced from life
Frustrated in your relationships
Curious about yourself
Struggling to express yourself and feel heard
Yearning for genuine connection
Feeling unseen/unnoticed
So anxious you can’t focus or relax
Stuck in the past or lacking direction

If overwhelming and difficult feelings are affecting your ability to live your life, then it may be time to seek change through Counselling & Psychotherapy

It is Possible To Start Feeling Better
As your therapist, I will meet you where you are
Many times in my life I have struggled with anxiety and feelings of worthlessness and shame, ‘practising’ being in relationships that were often one-sided and unfulfilling. This has helped me realise the kind of environment that is needed for people to feel truly heard, seen and be compassionately curious about who they really are. I have the capacity, interest and focus to really be with you and help you bring about the change I know is possible in each and every one of us

There Are Many Benefits To Counselling & Psychotherapy

These are a few of the ways they can help:
Feel excited about your potential and life’s opportunities
Reframe unhelpful or negative ideas about yourself.
Gain understanding of unhelpful, outdated ways of thinking, responding and being.
Help you find the confidence to start to explore some new ways of being.
Take a fresh look at where you want to be in your life.